An Innovative New Paradigm In

Durable Recovery was created to provide an innovative, outpatient treatment option for clients with substance abuse and mental health disorders that have not had success in traditional treatment environments.  

An Innovative New Paradigm In Recovery Care

Durable Recovery Partners (DRP) was created to provide an innovative, outpatient treatment option for clients with substance abuse and mental health disorders that have not had success in traditional treatment environments.  

At Durable Recovery, we go the extra mile to support healthy living. Our multidisciplinary team of experts are available 24/7 to ensure your needs are met, and goals are achieved!

Key Services

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Mental Health Treatment

At Durable Recovery, we believe that mental health treatment is a necessity in providing comprehensive, quality healthcare. Our mental health professionals are highly trained in caring for and treating mental health disorders and are committed to restoring overall wellness.

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Addiction Treatment

Our addiction treatment services treat the whole individual, not just the addiction. Because we prioritize individualized care, the specialists at Durable Recovery work with all clients to develop a treatment plan that is entirely customized to their specific wants and needs

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Durable Recovery values equal access to effective and supportive care, which is why we offer telemedicine services as a potential option for clients who are long-distance or unable to participate in in-person treatment. We are here to help you—no matter where you are.

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Durable Recovery Healing Environment


Durable Recovery is an inclusive treatment center that provides psychological and clinical services for those struggling with addiction and mental health. The professionals at our center specialize in comprehensive treatment modalities for clients in need of individualized treatment. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains just outside of Asheville, North Carolina, Durable Recovery practices are rooted in patience and healing with the client’s comfort being our number one priority.


We have an unrelenting drive to provide our patient’s new possibilities and sustainable outcomes. We do this by resisting convention and designing a flexible client and family-centered treatment environment where individuals can experience long-term recovery through seamlessly integrated and uniquely personal care.

– The Durable Approach –

The professionals at Durable Recovery know what it takes for individuals to successfully recover from addiction and mental illness. By customizing treatment, utilizing a wide variety of holistic modalities, and providing quality care without the restraints of a timeframe, we are prepared to support clients at all stages and walks of life. At Durable Recovery, we meet you where you are.

Care That Never Stops

At Durable Recovery, we have extensive experience in treating addiction and mental health disorders. Due to our decades of combined experience, we are well aware that effective, quality care does not have an expiration date. Each client who seeks our help receives it as long as they feel it is required. The addiction experts at Durable Recovery deliver care that never stops.

Customizable Treatment

We understand how complex substance use can be. Therefore, we provide individualized treatment to all clients. With the help of a treatment specialist, clients design their own treatment plans based on their unique wants and needs. As clients progress, they may then make changes as needed. Research has shown that this approach to treatment offers someone with a substance use disorder the absolute best chance for lifelong recovery.

Integrated Care

Integrated care is a core component of our treatment structure. Our multidisciplinary team consists of physicians, addictionologists, licensed addiction therapists, psychiatrists, and wellness coaches, all of whom are experienced in treatment collaboration. By treating various issues simultaneously, the client is given the best chance for success. Our concierge level of care ensures that each client receives the effective, holistic care that they both require and deserve.

Highly Confidential

At Durable Recovery, we are aware of the stigma that surrounds words like rehab and addiction. We are also aware that this stigma frequently dissuades individuals from seeking the treatment they desperately need. That is why we at Durable Recovery are committed to providing the utmost privacy to all clients. All client information remains confidential and treatment is discreet. Telemedicine services allow clients to receive care while maintaining their work, family, and social lives.

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Is Durable Recovery Right For You?

Durable Recovery is for patients who have not achieved a sustainable level of recovery and/or symptom management consistent with the life that they would like to lead. Our model of intensive, individualized, and multidisciplinary care is designed to meet your goals.

What Makes Durable Recovery Partners Unique

Seamlessly Integrated, Uniquely Personal, Recovery Care that is:

  • Individualized
  • Intensive
  • Private Pay / Highly Confidential
  • Coordinated
  • Continuing
  • Concierge


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